Dear Friends:

It has been 4 months since the Sampson Flat Adelaide Hills bushfire devastated over 12,800 hectares.  Lots of work is still going on.  The pine forests are being logged and the area is now empty.  The pines did not survive the fire.  They all have to be cut down.  On the other hand, the eucalypt trees are just amazing.  Green shoots everywhere from the bottom to the top.  The shoots started only a couple weeks after the fire.  Now they are just green.  The young bright green against the black burnt tree trunks look stunning.  Everytime I drive along the Chain of Ponds Road or the Gorge Road I see something new and some different. 
The vegetation is alive. 
We take walks on our land everyday (when we are here) and you can see the changes from one day to another. The plants are busy.
Just a couple days ago we went for our usual walk and found that almost all the grass trees have flowers shooting up.
These plants are native to Australia and do not flower so often.  The flowers are strong green totem pole like shoots springing out from the centre of the plant. 
Usually you have one shoot up in one plant but here we saw 2, 3, 4 flowers in a plant.  Beautiful.

Take a look at my photo album, "Regeneration" and see the grass plants.

Autumn has arrived here and the leaves of the non native trees are now yellow and red and contrast with the black tree stumps and bright green young leaves. 
There is the combination of bareness and fertility.  Eucalypt leaves do not change colour.
I have found many new creatures on our land.  Coko, the koala, comes regularly on the eucalypt tree right in front of our dining room window. 
Pluto is a golden orb spider who has woven a multi-dimensional web and sits majestically in the centre.
Black Beauty, the earth spider living in my laundry room still sticks his head out at night to say hello. 
And down the road at Brian's place the alpacas have 2 babies who look adorable. 

Adelaide Fringe was a great success.  It came and went so quickly. 
Now soon it is time for our show in Kyoto, "Mahakala - the eternal time" based on the 4 Quartets by TS Eliot. 
Tomorrow Jorg & I leave for Japan for 2 weeks.  When I get back I am sure to find more amazing growths in our burnt land. This is the power of nature.

Pluto majestically in the centre of his golden web glistening with water droplets. (If you would like to see more of this magnificant spider web, click here.)

Coko, our little koala
Crystal ball reflecting our land
baby alpacas - still unsteady on their feet

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