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July 5, 2021

Sadly Darwin Fringe Festival has been cancelled due to the pandemic.

The festival was due to open on friday 2 July but Darwin City went into a lockdown the beginning of the week.  The outbreak was triggered by a FIFO (fly in fly out) worker who overnighted in a quarantine hotel in Brisbane and got infected there.  It is quite ironic that a totally healthy person goes into a government-run quarantine hotel which is supposed to protect the people and then gets the virus.  Then he flew into Darwin  -- 

And you know the rest.  LOCKDOWN

Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Alice Springs, Townsville  all went into

lockdown last week.  Melbourne and Adelaide were spared of that. 

Slowly the lockdowns are being lifted but it's anyone's guess when it will happen again.  It is hard to plan anything.

Thus no Darwin for me.  Hopefully they will reschedule it maybe in October or so. 

Avignon Festival OFF will open this friday.  There are restrictions but venues have full capacity.  Unfortunately I cannot dance there since I'm here and do not have a chance of going there. 

"C'est la vie."  Or  maybe I should  say, "C'est la pandemique." 


But I am keeping active and happy and have been doing ZOOM yoga classes with my dancers in Japan every saturday and sunday.  When I am not at home but  traveling with Jorg for ARA  (Airborne Research Australia)  flying airborne  missions,  I hold my classes wherever I am:

The Broken Hill Sculpture Park

The Vale pastures in Tasmania,

Narribri Airport in front of our aircraft and many more to come

This is a virtual tour of Australia.

Please check out Shakti Yoga website for photos.

And I am now starting to work on my new show for Adelaide Fringe 2022.  I shall let you know what it is soon. 

Life goes on.

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