Adelaide Fringe 2021 finished successfully with all 3 shows receiving very positive and warm responses.

Unfortunately it looks very much like Avignon 2021 will not happen.  Even if the festival goes on it will be practically impossible for us to go to Europe.  The travel ban for all Australian citizens has been extended so we cannot go anywhere at the moment and Europe is in a bad situation now so it is probably wise to stay here. 

I am not even able to get back to Japan to see my mother.  As soon as the opportunity arises, Japan is my first stop abroad.  But at this moment the Japanese Consulate is not even accepting any visa applications so that seems to be a long way in the future too. 

Tokyo Fringe Festival is also postponed till further notice.  That looks like it definitely won't happen for quite a while.

Thus I will be staying right here in Australia for the time.  But I am not staying quiet.   I am looking for more opportunities within Australia to put on my shows.


Darwin Fringe is coming next. And for those who have missed my wonderful Classique Nu, you have another chance to see it in Darwin at the Brown's Mart Theatre from 8-10 July.  This will be my first show in Darwin so I am looking forward to it. 

Keep watching this space and I hope to add more Fringes in the near future.

Stay well and stay safe and keep the show going on!

This photo was taken in 1996 in Montreal by Stephen McNeill.

My river is still flowing strong.

Shakti's River.jpg

Shakti's River

photo and poem by Stephen McNeill

A place of



sensual peace.

A place of

fiery enticement.

A place