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In the burnt patch on our land.

The human body

is the most beautiful in its natural form. The dances are an exultation to nature and the body. To be one with nature with nothing to hide and to feel the sun, wind, water, rocks, air, the darkness and light embrace you is the ultimate sensual and ecstatic experience.


Indian Classical Dance

was originally danced in the nude. You can see all the erotic carvings on the temple walls. Each pose is beautiful and full of expression. Bharata Natyam in its purest form is in the nude. In the Hindu philosophy the body is the temple of God. Thus we must treasure it and not be ashamed of it.


Running around naked

in the wilderness you find that the other wild animals accept you too. They do not smell the materials on you. They smell you. They smell the animal in you. We are all born to be wild and we must let our spirit free.


Most of the dances

are improvised and danced on the spot with inspiration from nature. Moonlight Sonata, Toccata, Alien Within, Shaman, and Classique Nu were taken inside a theatre or studio.


All the videos are taken and edited by my husband, Jorg.

We have a great time.
Of course he is also "dressed" like me.

The 2 photos were taken in our land on 5 January 2015 after the furious Sampson Flat bushfire blazed through the Adelaide Hills and kept burning for days.  (bushfire message)

Destruction is part of life.

This is where "Phoenix Rising From the Ashes" was created.

There is beauty

in the devastation.

Once you accept it and embrace it it will reveal its secret and energy to you.

photo by Jorg Hacker

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