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Shakti in Classique Nu

Shakti Challenges:

Perception of erotica
Nature of dance
Borders of art
Philosophy of life


"Dance Genius has been used to describe more than once the fiery mis of beauty, brains, artistic ambiguity and tantalizing sexual cheekiness that makes up the brillian we know as Shakti.

But Shakti is more than just a dancer. She has become a beacon for those that wish to throw away the shackles of the world in which we live but never quite dare to.

Godfrey King
Anglo-Japanese Society of London


"In Shakti, the fiery emotion of

ancient India contrast with the

ethereal realm of Oriental Buddhism.

Her dancing genius creates compelling tension that plays and entices, that entwines and teases, and finally expresses and unifies these two unique "Ways" as only true art can do:

beyond logic, words and time."

New York Times

Shakti in Classique Nu
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