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The Times (Goa)
“Pretty Ballerina :  
Shakti dazzles the audience at her performance at the Dinanath Mangueshkar Auditorium.”

LondonTime Out (Donald Hutera)
“Shakti performs with curvaceous fluidity and demonic drive.”

Edinburgh Reviews
“Another extravaganza by Shakti . . .an intense show and a must-see.”

La Marseillaise
Shakti evokes love, death and life with the plentiful gestures of India.
The footwork is rhythmic and strong.  The arm movements are precise and resemble the 
goddesses and apasaras. The sensuality magnifies the lines of the female body and shows
 the sculpturesque beauty.  Shakt’s dance goes beyond appearance.

The Stage (Bryan Cooper)
An ecstatic celebration of primeval female energies, fusing the yin and yang of Beauty and Beast, 
makes triumphant finale of Shakti's latest and most innovative work.

Edinburgh Hairline Review (Matthew Straw)
Shakti is an artist who understands the power of dance and the human form and wields this power with incredible sensuality. Shakti has embraced the beast within her and declares

herself free.

The Gazette - Montreal
“Shakti masterfully fuses dance traditions from East & West to convey the highs and lows of love,”

The Independent - London
“Shakti does more than grab attention, she holds it rapt.”

Radio Fourth FM - UK
Come to this dazzling performance that will leave your hormones raging with the forces of nature!

Scotsman (Donald Hutera)
She moves like liquid fire.  Her potent stage presence communicates.  
She has the ability to embody the mythic elemental forces through dance, and thereby achieve both physical and spiritual liberation.


photo by Jorg Hacker

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