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by Shakti

Adelaide Fringe - 14-16 March 

Avignon OFF Festival  - 5-16 July 

Tokyo Fringe Festival - October (Dates TBD)

Osaka Fringe Festival - October (Dates TBD)

Pressance Legend Lake Biwa - November (Dates TBD)

The Descent

Sacred Rite



Crossing the River

The Ascent

14 - 16 March at 6:00pm

At The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall  (128 King William St / enter via Pirie St or Paul Kelly Lane)

$35 / $30 Conc

The myth of Orpheus has captured the imagination of people throughout the ages.  The passage to death and back to life is sought after by various cultures and races.  Orpheus symbolises the bridging of the 2 worlds through art.  Life and death cannot be separated.  One must accept both to start the journey to descend into the underworld to search for life.

Choreography by Shakti

Dance by


Kumiko Takayama

Fumiko Inamori

Lighting Design and Sound by

Jorg Hacker

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